VIBE SOUND VS-2002-SPK USB Turntable Review

If you are looking for a small turntable that is cheap and also acts like a digital convertor than you shouldn’t look anywhere else. VIBE SOUND VS-2002-SPK USB turntable is a very unique record player that is extremely light as compared to the other old turntables.

This machine is unique because it plays records and also rips them to digital formats that can be used by personal computers. In this age, people want to have their songs and important audios in a mobile format which is now possible with VS-2002-SPK USB turntable.  Many websites now offer discounts and special offers on the purchase of this amazing product. Initially such products used to cost around $100 but now they are often priced a lot lower than that.

VIBE SOUND VS-2002-SPK USB turntable comes with 33-, 45-, and 78-rpm speed that makes any listening experience extremely delightful. Vibe sound also has a built in feature to help connect to PC or Mac. It has speakers inside the device for the user’s ease as well.  The product comes with an instruction manual which makes it easy for new users to use the machine.

Along with the purchase, a freeware audacity program also comes which helps in conversion of the audio songs.  People who have a large collection of ancient albums can now renew them by converting them to amazing digital formats. This program helps to remove unwanted clicks and noises from recordings to make the audio sound better.

This turntable has a belt driven system which is acceptable for casual listeners. However belts that are made of rubber lose elasticity over time.  If you enjoy scratching and mixing music then this turntable might not be for you as DJs generally prefer Direct – Drive turntables.

On the purchase of every VS-2002-SPK, each user gets a USB cable, Installation CD, 45 RPM adapter and a manual.  With this turntable you get 2 extra hook cartridge replacements and built in speakers with volume control.  Consumers who have bought this product are extremely happy with its functions and quality. They feel its speakers are great and offer good value for money. It is necessary that one goes for a product that is within one’s budget. Always go for something that meets your needs along with your budget estimations.

VIBE SOUND turntable has a one year warranty but it is a durable product. It has hardly created any issue for its customers. However, if you feel that there is some problem with the product you may always ship it back for replacement. There are many online retailers that are offering discounts and special offers to their customers on this product. 

Turntables are usually not cheap but and offer great sound quality. This turntable will not disappoint as it’s a great turntable that offers high precision like professional devices.  People who have bought this product consider it one of the best players in the market.

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