TechPlay ODC28SPK-WD 3-Speed Turntable Review

Today there are thousands of vinyl and record players available on the market. Choosing the right one can be a real challenge, especially because they are all so different. A person can be easily confused by the number of options they have. Depending on your preferences you can decide to go for a simple player with limited number of playing options or go all out with a solution such as this – an all in one music player than can play any type of music you want. If you are a fan of having everything in one TechPlay ODC28SPK-WD would be a perfect fit.

Looks and Features

TechPlay ODC28SPK-WD is all in one turntable. It has modern and stylish design and can easily fit every interior. The wooden material and brown colour will give a feeling of warmth to any place you install this device. It is a three part turntable that consists of two side speakers and a base with a lid. On the front it has all controls for the different playing options it offers, and on the top is the mechanism for playing the old vinyl collection.

This turntable has a belt driven system and can play 33/45/78 rpm records. You also have the option to choose between an automatic and manual stop of the record playback. The tone arm is manual so make sure to move it away once the playing is finished.

Besides the option of playing vinyl you can also play CDs, mp3s and even cassettes.  In addition there is FM radio and you can pre-set up to 20 AM and 30 FM stations in case you get tired of the music you have.

On the front panel there is an LCD display with blue backlight. It displays the options for sleep, clock and the timer function.

The two side speakers provide high volume sound with good quality. The volume can be adjusted by using the rotating knob. In case you decide to connect the turntable to more powerful speakers you can do it through the outputs. Using the aux in you can connect other music devices to the systems such as your mobile phone in case you want to play the music you have stored on it. In addition there is an input for headphones if you want to listen to your music in private.

The USB/SD encoding enables you to convert different formats of music and directly transfer them onto your computer. Great for producing vinyl rips or even converting old cassettes into digital files to put onto your portable music device.

The turntable comes with 45 rpm adaptor, power adaptor and a remote control if you find it a problem to get up and change songs.


This turntable would definitely be a good choice for everyone who loves listening to music and still enjoys the more retro methods of playing your favourite album, from cassette to vinyl. The price is affordable for this type of turntable and it is worth every penny. You can have only one music player but enjoy the privilege of reproducing all formats of music you have around the house. It will save you money, space and it will look good in your home.

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