Sylvania STT102USB Portable USB Record Player Review

How many of us are nostalgic about the time when vinyl was our only option for listening to music? The crackle of the records and the feel of the sleeve. There is no reason to believe that that is an ancient history. There is a huge market for vinyl both old and new and record players are more advanced than ever.  Their options vary depending on the model and make so you can choose from owning a simple turntable that can play only vinyl, to a sophisticated one that can has dozens of playing options to choose from. If you were aiming at a cross between these older and newer musical formats then we might have found the choice for you, providing a portable and modern solution, the Sylvania STT102USB.

Features and Looks

Sylvania STT102USB has an appealing design and when not in use it can be easily mixed for an ordinary suitcase. Not only that its exterior makes it more attractive but it also protects the entire mechanism and extends its life cycle. Moreover, it can easily be turned into a portable device. Once you close the suitcase you can take it wherever you want to go.

The turntable has two build in speakers located on the front of the suitcase. Having in mind that the size doesn’t allow for stronger or bigger speakers to be installed, this might not be the perfect choice for those who want to throw big parties. However, if you do fall in love with this machine and you want to have it at all cost then we would recommend you connect additional speakers through the RCA Aux Out Jack.

If your collection of vinyl is diverse there is no need to worry.  Sylvania STT102USB has all three speeds 33/45/78 RPM and can easily play any vinyl you have. If you decide to make the music from your vinyl eternal by transferring it to a more “modern” format you can be sure that this turntable will make that possible. It comes with a USB power jack which enables you to convert the music from your vinyl directly into your computer.

In case you are unsure about the quality of the sound we advise you to clean your vinyl. Dust can often be a real enemy to good music. Have in mind that vinyl that is heavily destroyed might be hard to play on this turntable.


There is no better sound than the sound of the good old vinyl. Is this the absolute best turntable available? I would say no, but it is an excellent, portable and versatile record player with a clever design – be sure to look into the details of Sylvania STT102USB and see if this is the right fit for you. If you were looking for a unique turntable which is portable, produces quality sound and most importantly offers the possibility of converting your vinyl music into format that can be played on your computer of iPhone, than Sylvania STT102USB will be your new best friend. It’s time to dust off the old vinyl and enjoy that magnificent sound once more.

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