Spin Clean Record Cleaner MkII Review

Many years ago record players were even more popular than today. People use to buy records and slowly build up their own record collections with some of the best music available on the market. When the record players became outdated, people forgot about their collections. Many of them were left to rot on the attics to collect dust. However, a lot of those records actually cost a lot of money. Today if you try to create certain collections it will cost you a fortune, especially if you plan on including some records that were sold in a limited number and today are very difficult to find them. Since the records are now back to being popular, it is time to take out the collection you have and clean the records well. This article will show you the best way to clean your records and be able to enjoy your favourite music that has long been forgotten.

Our Review of the Spin Clean mkII System

Whether an old collection or new, records have to be cleaned on regular bases, as that will extend their life time and will allow them to maintain the quality of sound. There are a number of cleaners available on the market but only a few can be useful and can do a good job in cleaning the records.

Spin clean record cleaner is a nice little cleaning kit that will help you clean the dirt and dust of your records and help you maintain them on regular bases. The kit consists of several parts. It comes with a washer basin that has a lid, a washer fluid of 4oz, one pair of brushes, one pair of rollers and two cloths that can be easily washed.

To clean the records in the Spin Clean mk2 first you need to put the cleaning liquid into the basin. Although it is suggested that you follow the instructions provided in the manual, if you believe that you are using too much liquid or you feel you need to add more just follow your instinct. Once you fill in the basin with the liquid you can put the dirty record in the base. The inside of the base contains rollers that enable the record to spin and allow you to clean it well on both sides. You have to remember that this is a completely manual cleaner so you will have to be the one who does all the dirty work. It usually takes around 3 to 4 spins to each side in order to be able to cover the entire surface of the record. Once you make sure the record is clean you can use the cloths that come included in the kit and wipe off the record. With this you have finished the cleaning process. The cleaning solution will help you clean around 400 records depending on the amount of liquid you use per cleaning. If you run out of cleaning liquid you can order some more. The kit is very affordable having in mind the number of records you would be able to clean and it will save you the trouble of having to buy the same records again.

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