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How many of you have a bunch of old records on the attic that testify of times long forgotten? In the past records were the only formats where music was recorded and people invested a lot of money to create a good collection they can brag about. With the invention of the new music devices, records were no longer popular. However, in recent years, the record players have had their big comeback on the music scene which brought about the return of the records as well. Those who forgot about their collections are now faced with a real challenge. How to get the old records to work again when they have been out of use for years and they have accumulated so much dust and dirt? Answer? The Record Doctor…

Full Review of the Record Doctor

The answer to this problem lies in the use of a good record cleaner that can make your records as good as new. You would need something that is able to clean the records without damaging them as you can’t really do anything with a clean record that doesn’t work. Record doctor V is a real doctor when it comes to restoring dirty records. This little machine has a very simple design and it is very easy to use. The main base has a switch to turn on/off the machine. You have to put the dirty record onto the record platter so the hole in the middle is placed over the spindle. In the kit with the machine you get a brush, cleaning solution and annual on how to use the cleaner. This cleaner spins the record automatically but the cleaning is partially manual. The bottom side of the record is cleaned with the suction tube and the cleaning stripes that are placed near the switch. When the record turns the suction tubes and the stripes remove the dirt of the record. At the same time you need to hold the brush on top of the record so both sides can be cleaned. If you decide to save energy then you can use the base only as a holder for your record and spin the record manually. But that is up to you. 


Clean records mean good records. And they will also last longer. You should clean the records on a regular basis regardless whether you use them or not. If you allow them to accumulate too much dirt it might damage them forever. One of the ways to notice that a record needs cleaning, besides the obvious dirt that is visible on the surface, is if the record starts producing distorted sound. If the record still produces bad sound even after you clean it, then look for any possible damage on the surface.

The price of the record cleaner varies depending on the place of purchase. Some might find it a bit pricy but if you think how much your collection is worth you will probably be better off buying a record cleaner rather than buying the entire collection all over again.

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