Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable Review

In the 1800s people were infatuated by the new invention on the market which enabled them to listen to some music in the pleasure of their homes. Over time the technology advanced and soon the turntables were left forgotten in the basements along with the vinyl collections. However, the trend of listening to vinyl seems to have revived and today there are many who decide to return back to their old loves. Luckily the market is now swamped with turntables that give people the opportunity to listen to some of the best classics in their original format.

For those who are looking for a quality turntable with a stylish look, that can produce good sound without having to pay a fortune for it, the Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable would be a real deal. This turntable is very easy to use and it can be a revelation for those who wanted to see if this type of device is something they would be interested in having. The best part is that even if you decide you are not into listening to vinyl you can just let it be your room décor, as it doesn’t cost a lot to buy it.

This is a professional belt-driven turntable which has a quality “S” tone arm that tracks music very accurately. The tonearm and stylus are weighted perfectly and can be easily adjusted which allows you to listen to music without any distortion. In addition it has an anti-skate function which adds to the quality and stability of the sound. The turntable comes with Audio Technica AT3400 cartridge which can easily be replaced. Depending on your preferences you can use the same type of cartridge or decide to go with another compatible cartridge that might enhance the sound even more.

The turntable has a pitch control button which enables you to adjust the pitch and play with the sound. It is perfect for those who tend to play 33-1/3 and 45 rpm vinyl; however it doesn’t offer the possibility of playing 78 rpm records. In order to be able to adjust the speed more precisely, the turntable has strobe light markings. For fast start/stop of the recording there is a button that controls the movement of the platter.

Overall this is a good turntable for home use and a great way to bring your vinyl collection back to life. It is very light-weighted and small so you can easily find a good place for it in your home, even if you are struggling with storage spaces. In addition it comes with a cover which helps you protect the mechanism from accumulating dust.

If you notice that your vinyl is not sounding as it should, make sure to clean both the vinyl and the turntable, as even the tiniest piece of dust can influence the quality of the music. Once you buy this turntable read the instructions very carefully so you won’t jump into conclusions in relation to the functionality or the method of work.

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