Pro-Ject Debut III Piano Black Turntable Review

Pro-Ject has a surprise for the fans of quality music and the sound of vinyl! They have created a modern turntable that will help you play the long forgotten vinyl in the comfort of your home. If you were looking to find a simple yet practical turntable that will allow you to listen to all time classics in the format they have originally appeared on, then this turntable would be a real treat for you.

Pro-Ject – Debut III Piano Black Turntable has a very clean look and plain design. It is offered in black colour which adds to the contemporary look of the device. In order to prevent accumulation of dust and possible malfunction of some crucial parts, the turntable comes with a cover which you can place on top when not in use. 

One of the best features of Pro-Ject – Debut III is that the sound of the motor is extremely quiet so there is no way you can hear it while listening to music. Moreover the motor is completely separated from the plinth in order to reduce the vibration and avoid the possibility of distorting the sound. The tonearm lift mechanism is made of silicon whereas the tonearm itself has a high-purity copper wiring installed from the head shell all the way through the RCA ends.

This turntable is completely manual, so for those who would be experiencing this type of device for the first time it might be a daunting task. You will have to learn where to place the tonearm in order to get the sound you want, and to pick it up once the record is finished playing. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged by this, as you can easily learn how to use it. 

If most of the records you own are 33 1/3 or 45 rpm then you will have no issues in playing them on the Debut III Piano. When you need to change the speed of the vinyl you will have to lift the turntable platter and then reset the turntable belt. Please note that this device is not able to play 78 rpm records.

The Debut III comes with pre-installed Ortofon OM-5 Moving Magnet cartridge which makes this device fully analog. If you need to increase the volume of the sound then the best way is to connect the turntable to an amplifier and then connect it to the exterior speakers.

This turntable is a very good bargain for those who are looking for a device that can play their vinyl collection and want something stylish and well built for their home. If you really fall for this one, then you can buy additional things to upgrade the basic functions and get an even better sound. Beware, as once you buy the first accessory for your turntable you will find it hard to stop there. These upgrades tend to be addictive as you constantly get amazed by the new features and you keep asking for more. Pro-Ject are an incredible manufacturer of audio products, and you won’t be disappointed by the build quality of this excellent turntable.

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