Numark TTUSB Turntable Review

Many people have spent most of their lives collecting records, which are still a relevant format for listening to music. Only those with real passion for music will understand what it means to have the opportunity to listen to some of the best tunes on a timeless device. Vinyl has grown over recent years and with it has come a resurgence of record players. The market offers a variety of turntables that will give the satisfaction of vinyl with all the modern benefits of sound systems. We happen to have found one of those turntables that has proven to be a quality device that blends the old-fashioned style with something that is ultra-modern. That turntable is Numark TTUSB.

Features and Design

First we will start with the design. As previously mentioned this turntable combines two completely different styles. It looks very stylish and modern but at the same time plays a format that some have forgotten about. The main feature of this turntable is the ability to play records. However, this turntable offers something even better which makes it so attractive and unique.  It offers you the possibility to transfer sounds from your records directly onto your computer. Certain tunes are just priceless and it is worth having a few copies of them, just in case the record wares off. The software required for this action comes included in the package and is fairly easy to use. It will allow you to edit your songs and remove any unwanted crackle or noises from the original recording.

In addition it has an adjustable anti-skate controller that enables you to balance the stereo. It supports 33 and 45 rpm records, and if you want to play your 78 rpm records then you will need to turn them into 33 rpm by using the appropriate software. What makes this unit so great is the 1/8″ stereo line input that enables you to transfer cassette tapes onto your computer which only a limited number of devices can do. Basically you are getting a device that will make sure all your favourite songs from the past are in a format that you can play even on more modern music players that don’t have the ability to play records. To enhance the sound even more the turntable has an adjustable pitch control of ±10% for better quality of sound.

Numark TTUSB is sold for a very reasonable price and you won’t regret buying one for your home. One of the main reasons why people love this turntable is because it is the best way to make your favourite songs last forever. Even if you are not very familiar with using this type of devices, you won’t have any trouble understanding the way it functions. The only downside might be that it doesn’t have a lid which will keep the dust away from the mechanism. However this is something that can be easily resolved, as all you have to do is clean the turntable on regular bases. This will extend its life cycle and prevent damage to any parts. Makes sure to use clean and dry towel and you will have your friend with you in the years to come.

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