Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable Review – Record Player with Built in Speakers

The Jensen JTA-230 is a cool looking turntable that resembles many more recently produced music players. It provides a good fit to those that are looking for an inexpensive yet fully functional turntable. Jensen manufacture many of the top selling record players on the market, and have a proud track record of producing quality, this model is at the time of writing the best selling model on Amazon – so is the JTA-230 another home run?


The design of Jensen JTA-230 is very modern. It’s made out of black fancy looking plastic with a lid that extends its life cycle. The exterior of the lower part and the place with the mechanism are black, whereas the inside of the lid is white.

The Jensen JTA-230 is very small and light. It is very convenient for people with limited space. It is even smaller than it looks like on the picture and sometimes the record can be bigger than the base itself making it stick out. This is not an issue and doesn’t affect the playing quality, and in fact is seen by most as an advantage, especially if you don’t want a record player needlessly taking up a lot of room.


The Price of the Jensen is very reasonable, and for a system that works all in one with speakers already embedded, this represents exceptional value for money, making it a good choice for beginners and those who want to be ready to go straight out of the box without fiddling around with the system. Very much an all-in-one which is a huge advantage.

Although some have commented that the sound of the volume is a little low, it is in our opinion a decent sound level considering it has built-in-speakers, which are compact. Once the volume is up to the maximum, the volume is fine for most, in fact it can pack a punch. If the turntable is intended for your own personal use then it works perfectly well. If you decide to go wild I would suggest you either buy bigger speakers or attach the device to an amplifier. As it comes with RCA line-out jacks it wouldn’t be much hassle for you to plug in extra speakers or simply include it in your existing stereo system. Another feature which is surprising for such a simple turntable is that it has a pitch control so you can adjust the speed of the record.

Another thing that adds to the functionality of this turntable is the possibility of connecting it to other “modern” music devices. A USB cable and even software come included in the package and once the installation is finished you can easily turn your vinyl music into MP3 format and even put it on your iPod or other MP3 player to take on the go with you.

For someone who is just getting to know the concept of a record player it might be a problem to own one that has a manual tone arm. That means that you have to manually set the tone arm onto the record. However after a few attempts this shouldn’t be a problem, and until recently was the way it was always done!

In general Jensen JTA-230 meets the requirements for a simple and very affordable turntable. Great for even a newbie to use straight out of the box. The ability of turning the vinyl into mp3 formats is very convenient for those that want to listen to their favourite record even when they are not home. You’ll struggle to find a cheaper model that does everything, let alone one with better quality on offer. Value for money is the name of the game here. Is it the absolute top model going? Probably not, but the best value? Quite possibly.

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