Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable Review

Today we’re looking at a nifty record player which comes with a great price tag. The Jensen JTA-222 is, by the standards of modern turntables and record players, a great bargain which justifies the positive feedback it has received by users. It has appealing look which wouldn’t look out of place in a 50s diner or even an old school recording studio, and it comes at an affordable price for any vinyl fan. The simple features make it easy for use even for those who have never owned or used a turntable before.

The retro design complements its authenticity and antique look. It has wooden case and a transparent lid. While playing the lid is used to protect the record and to confine the sound, and when it’s not in use the lid serves as a good protection of dirt. The rotating knobs are an interesting touch of vintage.


Jensen are a prolific and high quality audio company, and as you’d expect the quality represents their reputation. The turntable comes equipped with the required cables and adapters and it is very easy to install and get up and running. Following the instructions you will be able to spin your first record just in few minutes.

The sound produced by the two build in speakers is louder than anyone would expect from such a small device, and the clarity is pretty impressive for such a low priced unit. It has a rotating knob for control of the volume of sound. For those who intend to use the turntable in order to please a larger crowd, they might think of buying additional speakers. The quality of sound is excellent for the price of the device.

If, when playing, you find records skipping or you can hear distortion of the sound make sure that the vinyl is clean. Usually if I vinyl was not used for a longer period of time or if it is damaged in a certain way, it might cause this turntable not to work properly. Therefore before playing a record, clean it carefully and check for possible damage. Vinyl maintenance is really important at all times.

Besides the playing of records, Jensen JTA-222 can easily be switched to listening to FM/AM radio in case you want a change of tune, another top feature that adds yet more value to an already impressive machine.

It also has a power indicator that lets you know whether it’s turned off or on. One of the most convenient features is that it offers you the option to turn off the auto stops. In this way you can play a record to the end, in case the auto stop activates before the record finishes. Be sure to turn off the turntable and remove the vinyl when not in use to avoid wearing off the needle too soon.


A look at the very high ratings this product has received from those who have parted with their cash for it will tell you all you need to know. It may not be the absolute best record player in the world, but for those of us not wanting to break the bank, this is a solid option.

All in all for the price range of this turntable the features it offers are quite exceptional. It is compact and easy to fit on your shelf. The wooden design would add a special touch of warmth to your home and attract the visitor’s attention. Jensen JTA-222 is good for everyone that wants to revive the old memories by playing the records of their youth. If you’re in the market for a super value model without compromising, this could well be the vinyl player for you.

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