How to Replace a Turntable Needle

In the modern age of music, turntables are becoming more and more popular. People tend to go back to their old loves of vinyl and revive their memories, and it is even one of the most popular formats for modern music. Turntables as with any other machines don’t last forever. Regardless of how good your turntable is there are certain parts that wear off during time and they need to be replaced after a certain period. The procedure for replacement of those parts is very simple. In the text that follows we have described the steps for replacing one of the parts that you are likely to eventually need to maintain.

One of these parts is of course the needle or the so called stylus of the turntable. In the newer models of turntables the stylus is made of industrial sapphire or a diamond. In the ancient times the stylus was usually made of bamboo needle. Since the stylus is one of the parts that has the most frequent contact with other surfaces, or in this case the vinyl, it can easily be damaged. You will notice that your stylus is damaged when it starts producing bad sounds. Once you notice this, it is recommended that you replace the stylus immediately, as the damaged stylus can easily destroy your vinyl.  The replacement of the stylus can be done in a few simple steps.

First you will need to remove the old or damaged stylus. You can do this by pulling it out in the direction opposite from the tonearm.

Second you should check the name of the manufacturer that produces that type of stylus and make sure to find one that is compatible with your turntable model. The best way to avoid buying the wrong stylus is to take the old one with you and go shopping. The vendor will know what kind of stylus you need. In case your turntable is little outdated then you will probably have to replace both the cartridge and the needle.  Luckily for you that is also very simple so you shouldn’t have any issues handing it.

And finally once you buy the new stylus you can just put it back into the opening with the point of the needle facing down towards the vinyl.

As you can see replacing the needle is not rocket science. These are just three simple steps that anyone can easily complete. Remember never to use force, as you might break something as if you do then you will have to replace more than just the stylus. In case the stylus gets stuck and you are not able to pull it out take the entire turntable to the repair shop. 

In order to extend the life cycle of your stylus make sure to clean it on regular bases. Use a soft cloth and gently wipe it off. If you notice any problems with the sounds instead of removing the stylus you first need to check the possibility of just being dislocated. If even after the cleaning it is still not working properly then you are looking into a damaged stylus that needs to be replaced. 

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