How to Clean Vinyl Records – Our Complete Guide

Are you one of those people who were crazy about the vinyl records and had a huge collection? Or perhaps you’ve got into vinyl in recent years, either way you might find this article very useful. When the turntables first appeared people loved them. They would play their favourite sounds and enjoy all day long. However, in the 80’s things have drastically changed. The CD players took the glory away from the turntables and many people decided that the new invention works better for them. Over time, the trend started changing again. People became nostalgic and yearned for the sound quality and crackle of vinyl, and many people wanted to restore their old turntables. Some of them weren’t fit for restoration, but luckily very soon manufacturers started to produce them again. It was time to take out the vinyl collection and in many cases they needed a clean.

One of the main reasons why vinyl records are not working properly is the dirt and dust that has accumulated during the years. So don’t despair, as your old vinyl record can be easily restored. There are several ways that have proven to be very efficient in cleaning your vinyl collection.

The method of cleaning will highly depend on the level of dirt. It is recommended that you clean your vinyl on regular bases, as this will keep them life and running for many years to come.

If the vinyl has been recently used and there are no major issues then you can just (very gently) wipe it off with clean cloth. This will remove the dust and the vinyl will be as good as new. 

If there is more dust on the vinyl you might think of using a vacuum cleaner. This will collect the dust from the surface but it won’t be able to clean it well if it hasn’t been taken care of for a longer period of time. It isn’t the safest method out there and can cause damage if it is not done properly, of course the most efficient and safest is yet to come…

Record Cleaners

Another very effective way to clean the record is by using a record cleaner. There are many inexpensive cleaners that can thoroughly clean the dirt. You have two options. You can brush the vinyl by yourself by using the cleaning solution. Another option is to buy a machine that will clean the record for you. This machine can be manual, which means that you will probably have to rotate the vinyl by yourself. Or, the machine can be automatic which means that all you will need to do is to pour the cleaning solution in the appropriate place and turn on the machine. The machine will rotate the vinyl by itself and clean every single piece of dirt it finds.

Whichever way you choose it will work. You can decide on the method simply by looking at the condition of your vinyl. You must remember that the vinyl must be cleaned and maintained on regular bases. Always be very gentle as you don’t want to scratch them or damage them in any way. If you choose to use water/solution to clean the vinyl, wipe it well before use or leave enough time for them to dry as you don’t want to damage the turntable. 

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