Grace Digital GDI-TW3 USB 7-in-One Review

If you are still holding on to the memory you have of the old turntable that used to be in your living room and played that beautiful songs, maybe it’s time to buy something that will revive that memory. Nowadays there are a number of companies that produce record players that not only have the ability to play records, but they can also play the “modern” formats. This saves you the trouble of having to buy several different music players in order to have all the features you need. One of the most famous record players of this type is Grace Digital GDI-TW3 USB 7-in-One.

Features and Review

The manufacturer of this record player has decided to keep the authentic retro look but enhanced its features. At first glance Grace Digital GDI-TW3 USB 7-in-One looks like something you have put on your attic several years ago, and you have completely forgotten about it. If they start selling it with little dust on it, nobody would think that this is a new product. The base is made of wood which gives a touch of classic and adds warmth to every room you put it in.

This retro record player has the option to play records, cassettes, CD’s and even has AM and FM radio. It consists of a completely automatic tone arm which makes this music device perfect for those who don’t have much experience in handling records. If you are a proud owner of 33, 45 &78 RPM records you would be happy to know that Grace Digital can play them all.

The good thing is that there is also a USB port that allows you to transfer and record music to your PC or Mac. Included in the package of the record player you will also get the appropriate software, so you won’t have to waste your time looking for one. The software is very easy to use and you don’t have to be an expert to start converting formats. Grace Digital even has a connection port that allows you to connect your iPod and listen to the music you have saved onto it.

The record player comes with to built-in speakers that produce high volume sound and are perfect even if you want to throw a party. In addition, if you decide to be selfish and listen to the tunes all by yourself you can plug in your headphones in the headphone jack.

In conclusion, Grace Digital is all you need from a music player. As mentioned before, it can play any modern or retro music formats and remind you of some good memories. Apart from the functionalities, Grace Digital has very appealing design and when not in use it will be a great decoration to your home. It is relatively small, and it won’t take up too much of your space, so don’t worry even if you have limited space. Above all the price is incredibly affordable for a record player that can provide everything that Grace Digital can.

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