Electrohome Archer Record Player and Classic Turntable Review

Nowadays more and more people tend to turn to the vintage method of listening to music and value it more. This is especially the case with vinyl. The main reason is because today there are many good turntables that can remind you of the irreplaceable sound of the vinyl, both old and new, with vinyl sales increasing by around 700% in the last 8 years. The record players come in different shapes and sizes and offer a variety of options. You can easily choose one that meets your requirements. We have chosen to provide a detailed review of the Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player and Classic Turntable Stereo System.

Looks and Features

One big plus point of the Electrohome archer is the look of it, lets face it, it is one of the coolest record players going when it comes to how it looks and it would provide a talking point in your home as well as a great listening experience. The design of the Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player is inspired by the 1960s and is made to look as an old-fashioned briefcase. It is made of wood and covered by polyvinyl, it has a button to close the briefcase and a handle that makes it very practical so you can easily move the record player around or take it with you wherever you want to go.

It has two built-in side speakers with full range. You will be surprised by the volume of sound produced by such a small device, they pack a real punch and provide an amazing sound quality for home listening, more than enough for most of our needs, and with the aux output you can connect it up to bigger sound systems if needed.

This turntable is belt-driven and can play 7/10/12 inch record in three speeds of 331/3, 45 and 78 RPM. It has a kind of semi-automatic arm because you have to manually put it on the vinyl but it goes back by itself and stops the vinyl from playing. However, you will have to turn off the unit by yourself if you want to shut it down. It has a ceramic needle with diamond tip that gently touches the record and produces melodious sounds.

The USB auxiliary input enables you to connect a USB with music files or play music directly from your other music devices such as an iPhone, iPad or lap tops and tablets. However, this turntable doesn’t have the option of converting music from vinyl into other music formats easily, which is a feature that could improve what is an exceptional vinyl player. If you know what you’re doing, the aux input does enable you to rip music from vinyl.

If you notice any problems with playing of the records first make sure that all parts are set properly. If everything is working fine then the problem might be in the vinyl. Carefully clean the dirt of the record and make sure it’s not damaged in any way. Other than that you shouldn’t have any problems with playing records.

Electrohome are a reputable company with a rich history, and their Archer Vinyl Record Player is an affordable yet high quality music device that can bring quality music to your home. It has unique design, it’s practical and portable and above all it plays good music. It can easily be stored when not in use and the top cover protects the mechanism from accumulating dust. Based on the details we have provided you can easily decide if this turntable meets your requirements. It might not offer every playing option but it will serve you well if you want to revive the old memories through you collection of vinyl.

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