Crosley CR6233A-RE Dansette Bermuda 2-Speed USB Turntable Review

Long before the CD players were first invented people had a different way to play their favourite tunes. It was the turntable. The invention of the turntable was a real revolution, as it was something different from what they had seen before. Soon everybody owned one. Of course it was a little overshadowed when the CD player was invented but very soon it got its glory back as some people still prefer the feel and sound of vinyl. Today there are a number of turntables you can choose from. You can decide on a retro look and get the authentic turntable, or you can decide on a more fashionable turntable with additional options. It’s all up to you. If you fancy having something a little more old fashioned then we might have the right one for you, the Crosley CR6233A-RE

Crosley CR6233A-RE Looks and Features in Review

Crosley CR6233A-RE is really a retro looking turntable. Its design resembles a vintage radio from the old days. Some of the older generations might have even owned a similar looking turntable. The good thing about this turntable is that it is very practical. On one hand you can use it as a portable turntable and make sure your best vinyl follows you wherever you go. On the other hand you can add the legs that come included and turn it into part of your furniture. So now you don’t have to spend too much money or to have to decide whether you want something for your home or for the road. You can have both.

The turntable’s mechanism is neatly secured in the inside of the base and the lid besides its designer role, also protects the turntable from damage or dirt. This is a belt driven turntable that works on two speeds 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records. It has a quality stylus with diamond top which is widely regarded as being one of the best. They last a long time and they are very gentle with the viny meaning it is less likely to scratch and get damaged. This is a standard manual turntable, which means that you will have to put on the stylus when you want to play a record and pick it up in order to stop it from playing,

On the front of the turntable there are dynamic full range stereo speakers which makes this music player be perfect for any party you want to organise. If you want to be even louder then you can plug in external speakers through the auxiliary plug. The speakers which are inbuilt are very well reviewed and for most of us they will be sufficient, and are great for casually listening to your favourite albums.


So this has basically covered everything you need to know before you decide to buy one of these great turntables. They are very affordable and will be a great decoration to your home. Maybe now it’s the time to dust off your favourite collection of vinyl and remind yourself of that beautiful sound. This turntable would be a good choice for everyone who tends to travel often and finds it hard to leave their vinyl at home. It is also perfect for those that have limited living area as it is very small and practical and can look good anywhere you put it.

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