Best Wooden Record Players for Your Home

Many of us aren’t the biggest fans of cheap, plastic looking record players, and if you’re going to put it in your home, it hats to fit in with your decor, and that’s the reason I’m not so thrilled with nasty looking turntables. There are a lot of wooden record players all claiming to be the best. After research, I managed to narrow my list to what I believed to be the best wooden record players. In this article, I will share this list with you and you will hopefully be saved from the headache of trying to wade through the results yourself.

So, for the best record players with a wooden, retro and classic look, read on…

Pyle Home PVNTT6UMT Vintage Style Phonograph/Turntable with USB-To-PC Connection

The Pyle Home PVNTT6UMT definitely deserves a spot among the best wooden record players. Looking at it, you would think you have taken a ride into the past. Its elegance makes it the center of attraction in any room.

Even better, it feels solid and sturdy guaranteeing that it will last. Additionally, I find it compact to transfer from room to room.

Coming to sound quality, it won’t leave your jaw dropped in amazement, but you can still appreciate it considering the low price. The turntable plays 3 speeds which are 33, 45 and 72 rpm.

For easy transfer of music to a computer, there is a USB connection. And if you feel like it, you can play music from your iPod, MP3 player or any external music source through the AUX input.

Electrohome Wellington Record Player (EANOS502)

Who doesn’t like to get more for every penny? If you are like any average person, then you always want more for less. With the Electrohome Wellington EANOS502, you can have a machine that plays records, CDs, MP3s and has an AM/FM radio. Sweetening the deal is that all this is contained in a stylish handcrafted wooden cabinet.

The record player is belt-driven and plays at 33, 45 and 78 rpm. However, the sound is not the best I have heard. But for the price, it could have been worse.

It has a USB connection, aux input, and a headphone jack. One feature I love is its ability to record vinyl directly to USB with just a push of a button – no computer required.

Overall, it is a record player you might fancy taking a look at.

Grace Digital GDI-TW3USB 7-in-One Stereo Entertainment Center

If you have never loved the name Grace, this turntable will give you a reason to change your attitude. This record player also combines a record, cassette and CD player. Additionally, it has an AM/FM radio.

As a record player, I would describe its sound and performance as decent. It is also belt-driven and can play at three speeds like the Electrohome Wellington EANOS502.

Although it has built-in speakers, you can do better with an external set of turntable speakers. Other features include a USB port and a headphone jack.

I would recommend this because it is affordable, works decently and looks great.

That’s the list of wooden record players you can invest in. I am sure this article has helped you make a decision from all the confusion at the market.   

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