Best Retro Looking Record Players

There is nothing quite like the sound quality and authenticity of Vinyl as you listen to your favorite albums. As well as the advancement of technology in the last few years, most people agree that the experience of the record player is unique and irreplaceable. As companies have recognized this longing for a modern, reliable record player with retro, throwback looks, they have decided to offer the opportunity of buying new and enhanced record players. They have incorporated most of the modern options and audio capabilities into the new version of the record player but have kept its original design. These are several record players that stick to the retro look.


The most authentic retro looking record player would probably be PYLE-HOME PTCDS3UIP. It’s perfect replica of the original record player first invented by Thomas Edison, and lets face it, it looks fantastic! PYLE-HOME combines the classic look with the modern usage and enables you to play not only vinyl, but also cassettes, CD’s and even listen to the radio through the horn-like speaker, a throwback to monophonic audio of old. It comes with several ports where you can connect an USB, headphones, and speakers to amplify the sound, iPods or any other external device. It practically does everything that an all-in-one music player will do, but due to its specific design it gives elegance to the entire experience. As well as sounding great, it looks great too and the quirky look is bound to be a talking point in your home.

Crosley CR7008A-PA

If you decide to go for a more modest look and still maintain the retro feel than maybe you should take a look at Crosley CR7008A-PA. The wooden design gives a special touch to the sound produced by this record player. It has a 3 speed turntable system neatly placed on the top of the player. And as all newly produced record players it offers you the choice to play CD’s, to connect an external music device or just simply listen to the radio. However, with the possibility of playing a vinyl, many would forget about the additional options that Crosley has to offers. The Wooden look is very old school and throws us back to 50s dance halls, plus the audio quality is exceptional. Crosley are one of the biggest brands in the world of turntables and record players and this is one of the best looking models in their range.

Electrohome Signature

Finally the radio-like record player is a different style of retro looking record player. Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record has a very simple design and if it hasn’t been for the modern CD player drawer included on the bottom, it could have blended perfectly with the record players (or radios) produced a long time ago. On the top of the record there are belt-driven spins which are used to play the records. The front of the player provides the more modern options. It allows you to record your music from vinyl onto CD or MP3, or even directly to your smartphone. Its size could fit perfectly in any place of your home and bring a touch of the 80’s.


These three record players have an amazing range of features, and combine everything you would expect from a modern turntable with an older, and in some peoples opinion more appealing look. A quick look at the reviews of these products either on Amazon or here on will tell you that they are VERY well respected and have been rated highly by almost all who have purchased these record players. We have provided three different models to choose from all at different pricing points to try and make sure you can get the product at your price point. PYLE-HOME will be perfect if you want to go for the unique look, Crosley is a mixture of retro and sophisticated and Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record will completely win your heart with the adorable radio style look. Regardless of the choice a retro record player will be a good addition to everyone’s home and definitely becomes a focal point for whichever room you place it in.

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