Best Record Player Brands – Who Manufactures the Best Record Players?

It has been more than one hundred years since the first record player was invented, and still this music machine is popular among music fans everywhere. Many vinyl lovers would trade all their new gadgets just to listen to that good old sound of the record player. Fortunately the market always follows the buyers’ needs, so today there are many companies that produce brand new record players and enable you to enjoy your favorite music. With such a variety of record players to choose from, making the right decision isn’t an easy task. We have combined three brands of record players to help you narrow down the choice.


For those who would like to own an authentic record player that resembles a lot to its ancestors Electrohome could be the first choice. Electrohome offers a variety of models which have a rather unique design. It enables you to choose from a record player that looks like an old radio, one that can be closed and look like a regular suitcase, or just decide on the classical look with meticulously designed wooden carving. They also vary in the options they offer, so you can choose from very basic record player that plays only vinyl to a more sophisticated one that can fool you with its exterior but at the same time can turn your best vinyl into mp3 format. The price range varies depending on the options, so everyone can find its matching piece.

Audio Technica

Audio Technica is a different story. These record players resemble more to the modern music players. They will be a good fit for people who want to keep up with the new inventions, but at the same time be able to enjoy their vinyl collection. These record players are fully automatic and very easy to use. Due to their small size they are also very practical for those who don’t have much space in their homes. Depending on the choice, they come with pre-amplifiers, so you won’t have to make additional costs to get higher volume of sound. Audio Technica, a Japanese Company of some heritage, has produced several different models allowing everybody who wants to own one, to be able to afford it.


If the previous two didn’t seem like the right choice for you, the third suggestion is TechPlay. This brand would be perfect for those who want to have all in one. TechPlay has focused on producing record players that provide the best of all worlds. They have turned the modern music player into a record player. Most of their models have the possibility of turning the vinyl music into other formats making sure your most-liked tunes follow you around. Like the previous two brands they can be bought for very reasonable price.


Another brand which feels a little like a throwback to older times is Crosley. You may recognize the brand, as they’ve been around for nearly 100 years now, manufacturing everything from Radios to Jukeboxes, and of course, record players. You can pick up second hand turntables made by the American brand, which are vintage models now, but they still make new models, many of which are among the best sellers on most online retailers. There brand is as strong today as it ever was and their range is large, offering budget models as well as more luxurious all-in-one systems.


Jensen, owned by Audiovox, are another name you’re likely to see again and again. Five years older than Crosley, they do have quite an impressive range of products, including car stereos, audio systems, mobile audio and of course, record players. Another brand it is worthwhile considering.

Regardless of your choice, go with one of the above and you will be listening to high-quality music. Take into consideration the space you have, the design you like, the options you need, and the model you can afford and you will be able to find your perfect match.

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