Best Record Cleaners and Cleaning Kits

Vinyl is undeniably one of the greatest formats to listen to music. The crackle of vinyl and the feel of a record sleeve is almost mythical for music fans, but keeping your vinyl clean is so important to ensure their longevity and that they will last through the ages. Some of your record collection may well be irreplaceable. Original copies bought years ago. However, your problem has a solution. Ever since the record players were revived, many saw the need of creating something that can restore records or just keep your vinyl spick and span. We suggest you use cleaners to clean the dirt of your records, and the cleaning kits and systems available these days make this easier than ever, whether your records are brand new or 50 years old.

Spin-clean Starter Kit Record Washer System Mk2 Review

Spin-clean starter kit record washer system Mk2 will make your records as good as new, and is a product we really can’t speak highly enough of. The quality and ease of use is exceptional, and the price is low in comparison to other cleaning devices, it is worth every penny. It is very easy to use and intelligently designed. You have to place the record into the compartment dedicated for it and your job is done. There are brushes installed on the base that simultaneously brush the two sides of the record. You can be sure that not a single piece of dust will be left once this little cleaner finishes its job. The two rollers that spin the record are designed specifically to protect it from scratching during the process of cleaning. While they spin the record the liquid removes the dirt. This kit includes a washer basin and a special record washer of 4 Oz that can clean up to 400 records. In addition you get a pair of washer brushes, rollers and drying clothes to wipe the record once the cleaning is finished. The instructions on how to use the cleaner are printed on the lid so they are always available.

Record Doctor

Another solution for your dirty record can be the Record Doctor. This cleaner can easily clean every dust, dirt or grease from your record making it play the sound you remember. Some might find it a bit pricy but vinyl isn’t cheap, so looking after your collection will save you money in the long run when you don’t have to buy replacements! And if you compare it with other similar devices you will see that this is something worth having. It has the same powerful vacuum motor as other high priced machines, but because you turn the record by yourself you save money. The package includes 4 oz cleaning solution, a brush and instructions on how to use it. The machine itself has on/off buttons, suction tube, cleaning stripes and a record platter where you place the record.


Both cleaning solutions will renew your record and make it last for many years to come, ensuring they retain their value (which can be huge, especially for rare records). Make sure you clean your collection regularly to avoid distortion of sound and permanent damage to your favourite music. These cleaning machines will make sure your records always produce pleasant sounds and quality music.

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