Best Modern Record Players – New Look Turntables for Your Home

Whether you’re buying records as an alternative to modern CDs and MP3s or, after years spent in the attic, it’s time to give your old records a new chance, dust the dirt off and evoke the long lost memories. Companies have recognised the need of having a modern Record Player that can offer you the possibility of listening to your favourite vinyl. They have created modern record players that have exterior which is chick, but have kept the needle that has been known to play the best sounds. Our research has led us to two record players that might be appealing even for the youngsters who weren’t even born in the original era of record players.

Teac TN-300

The TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable is a revolutionary product that blends the good old music with modern design. It comes with stylish chassis in several colors; black, brown, red, beige and white and a transparent lid to protect it when not in use. Its small size and simplicity makes it perfect fit for any home. TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable has USB output that allows you to connect the player to your PC and transfer music from the vinyl onto your computer. In addition it is also equipped with Phone and Line outputs so it can be easily connected to devices that are not Phono compatible. All terminals are gold plated in order to increase the resistance of oxidation. Using the high quality AT95E VM cartridge, the tracking of sounds is enhances and provides better quality sounds.

Teac MC-D800-CH

The other record player which we think will win your heart with its ultra-modern look, also made by the same manufacturer. The Teac MC-D800-CH is the perfect all-in-one record player that reproduces any format of music from any type of device. This could be the perfect solution for your home. It’s compact, with wooden exterior which gives a feeling of warmth. The manufacturer has decided to bring the sound of Teac MC-D800-CH to perfection by introducing two separate speakers attached to each side in order to produce stereo sounds, and turn this into a full audio system. The two inputs enable connection to other devices in your home, such as TV, smart phones, and computers, basically anything in your home that can play music. Moreover you can connect you lap top, smartphone or tabled wirelessly through Bluetooth and play the music you like. The tray in the front of the record supports a variety of formats such as CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, and WMA discs. You can also attach a USB stick and play the music stored on it. In addition Teac MC-D800-CH has AM/FM radio installed making the variety of music you can play endless.


So there we have a couple of excellent options for a modern looking turntable to put in your house. Both record players produce quality sound and would look good in your home. TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable is simple and portable, whereas Teac MC-D800-CH combines more features and offers variety of playing options. In any case, these record players will bring pleasure to your ears and make every listening experience enjoyable. When you decide to add these players to your family of devices either choice you make would definitely live up to your expectations.

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