Benefits of Record Players

For lovers of classic records, and listening to music on vinyl, record players are essential. Record players, which are also called turntables, are audio devices used to play record discs and sometimes other forms of audio media. First invented in 1877, the record player has grown to become one of the most influential inventions for music in history. Nowadays, they are considered antiques and collector items, though many custom record players are still manufactured and sold. Record players allow consumers to listen to old discs and records, which provide a unique sound that many have come to love.

Now, in modern times, record players have become more than obsolete for some music lovers. Mp3 players, CD players, and other forms of equipment have grown to become far more more popular, reducing the record player to an item sought after by admirers of its vintage and unique sound. However, many modern players can also play music via MP3 and CDs. Many collectors actively search for and purchase record players, as they are the only things that can play authentic records. Many record players can be found online and in select music stores for varying prices, and many are sold as bundles with famous discs and other equipment. Unlike more modern music players, record players use far less energy and can last for decades, providing crisp playback for as long the consumer needs. This is a plus for many cost-aware consumers, as record discs are still manufactured for popular bands and artists even to this day. As well as the features we love from the players of yesteryear, they also come with compatibility with many of the modern methods such as playing MP3s or being able to hook up to phones, tablets and other devices.

The price of record players has changed drastically over the years. Nowadays they can be bought for anywhere between $50-$200 USD online and in select stores. This price applies to standard record players, as newer or more specific models can cost exceptionally more. Antique players can be found online for thousands of dollars, as many professional collectors seek out these specific models. Their search has allowed the record players to stay relevant in today’s market.

While it’s often debated whether modern audio devices provide superior playback and play recorded music in higher quality, many consumers prefer the old style of playback the record player provides. Many believe the record player provides a more raw, authentic sound to the music it plays, which allows listeners to become more immersed in the music. The process used to put music on vinyl is different to the process of getting it onto a file, and it is a much debated issue which provides the best quality, but the romantic crackle of vinyl is very appealing for true music fans. While this is not always true for many listeners, it has kept the popularity of the record player rather high in the music industry. Turntables, a more modern form of the record player, are widely used in clubs and music festivals worldwide, and many enjoy their classic sound.     

There are many benefits to record players. Many consumers have become accustomed to the unique playback style of record players over the years, and actively purchase different models as well as record discs to go with them. They have remained one of the most respected audio media devices of all time, and even to this day newer models are being manufactured and sold in several locations. Record players produce a crisp, often nostalgic sound that millions continue to enjoy, as it allows them to become immersed in the music they have grown to love.   

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