1byone Belt-Drive 3 Speed Portable Turntable Review

1byone is not one of the better known companies in the world of record players and turntables, but don’t let that put you off, they’re real players, and this one is an excellent example of what the company can come up with. This is an excellent, suitcase style turntable with speakers built in, meaning you don’t have to mess around with external speakers and you can take this wherever you go, from holidays to parties or just move it around your house with ease, but how is the sound? We explore the functions in this 1byone turntable review.

First of all, this record player is just really nice. It is so nice to look at it. They really designed this record player very well. I think that the design of a record player is very important. Why? Because, you usually look at the record player when you listen to records. Therefore, you would probably rather look at something nice? At least, I know that I would rather look at something nice. That’s how I feel when I look at this table spinning on my desk. Yes, I am very happy when I watch this turntable play. It brings me joy.

I liked loading this turntable up and listening to it go. I think that as time went on, I liked listening to records with this player more and more. The reason for this is that it was so simply to set up the table. This turntable is fantastic though. It works like a dream. The sound that you get out of the portable speakers is really nice, you can of course add to it with external speakers, but for a lot of us this is overkill and isn’t totally needed. You always want to listen to your records again and again when you’ve got a record player like this. I love this player because of these portable speakers. This meant that I did not have to buy new speakers. I don’t like having to buy new speakers. Therefore, when I saw that this player came with portable speakers, I was very happy. I was ecstatic.

I think that the functionality of this is excellent, and it has RCA and other inputs and outputs, including a headphone slot so you can even listen to your records without complaint from the neighbours, just by plugging your headphones in.

Yes, all in all, I was very happy when I used the 1byone turntable. It makes a great gift or is excellent for your own use, and considering the price tag, not high at all for the type of product it is. I had no problem with it. I don’t think that I will ever buy a new turntable. No, this is the only turntable for me. So, if you are looking for a turntable that is very easy to set up, and you don’t want to buy new speakers, then I would buy this turntable. It is really nice to use and you will enjoy using it. You won’t want another record player either, I promise you that. This is one of the best record players I have ever used.

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